Getting Back on Your Feet After Suffering a Concussion

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Any injury to the brain is nothing to mess with; whether mild or severe, a concussion should be treated seriously. Combined with lost of rest, concussion therapy in Abbotsford can help you get back to task quickly and safely.

Diagnosing a Concussion

Thankfully, not every bump or fall on the head results in a concussion, however if you or someone you know has suffered a blow to the head and is displaying signs and symptoms of a concussion, quick diagnosis is important. Common signs of a concussion include loss of consciousness, dizziness, confusion, and difficulty focusing. Physical symptoms of a concussion typically take a little longer to manifest and can include fatigue, headache, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. If a concussion is suspected, a visit to the nearest emergency room is recommended, particularly if symptoms persist or worsen within the first 24 hours.  A doctor will then be able to evaluate the severity of the concussion.Some individuals may be required to stay at the hospital for monitoring and others may be allowed to go home under adult supervision.


Rest, rest, and more rest is the first step in recovering from a concussion. This may mean having to step back from your regular activities, if your work is too physically or mentally demanding. However, what many people, including medical professionals, sometimes neglect, is that neck and spinal injuries often accompany a concussion. The force of impact required to cause even a mild concussion is far greater than the force required to cause symptoms of whiplash, for example, which affect the cervical spine and neck. It has therefore been recommended that after a short period of total rest, individuals suffering from a concussion also seek out concussion therapy in Abbotsford.


After the first initial stage of rest, light exercise and activity are recommended. Professional physiotherapists trained in concussion therapy in Abbotsford will closely follow your progress and put together an appropriate program to complement your recovery, helping to ensure that you do not sustain any further injury, while supporting your physical and mental recovery. As you progress through the stages of recovery, your physiotherapist will increase the intensity of your therapy, helping you to get ready to return to your former lifestyle.

Some neck and spine injuries may take months, or even years, to fully rehabilitate. Each case is different; however, the road to recovery will be smoother and easier to navigate with concussion therapy in Abbotsford.