Our Mission

our mission

“Movement is the key to feeling good and improving your quality of life. Get Well is dedicated to helping you get back to living your best life — free from the curse of chronic pain. Its time to enjoy your children, grandchildren, hobbies, and everyday activities again. We’ll get you better, faster, so you don’t need us.”


Partners and sponsors

While aiding our patients at our own location is primarily what we do, we also recognize the needs of others across the globe. Specifically when it comes to children. We work with an orphan organization called 'Imani' who works out of Kenya (East Africa), to sponsor and provide for children who are less fortunate Imani opened its doors in 2010, and is based out of Abbotsford, BC, Canada. The word 'Imani' in Swahili means 'faith', as the organization is founded upon Christian principles and beliefs. Imani's Goal: "Imani Orphan Care exists to help children that have been abandoned by their families, orphaned or rescued from unhealthy situations. Our goal is to raise the next generation of Kenyan leaders by helping them to pursue excellence through education and practical skills as well as helping our kids to become people with integrity so that each child will be a responsible citizen of Kenya".

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DMI (Dunamis Ministries International) is a Christian missionary organization that operates in the following countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Austria, the Philippines, the Ukraine, Israel, Ethiopia, Uganda, and India. DMI has been involved in medical relief trips, as well as war and natural disaster relief programs. Dunamis is a word that comes from the Greek Bible, translating to the English word 'dynamite'. The organization is based out of Abbotsford, BC, Canada. DMI's launch was in 2003, with the start in Sri Lanka to provide relief funds for the citizens of the country following the end of a civil war. Since that time, DMI has expanded to nearly every continent DMI's Goal: To provide foreign aid to countries that require assistance and to spread the word of God to every corner of the globe.

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    “My husband recently started going to Get Well Physiotherapy and he has been delighted by the results. He had his hip replaced about 15 years ago..."

    — Maureen Richardson

    “I have always found Noel to be very nice to deal with and professional. I have always had 100% success with his treatments. I highly recommend Get Well Physio..."

    — Marcel Ackermann

    “Noel is a great physiotherapist who goes over and above. I've been a patient of Noel's from when he was a physio at Promotion physio...”

    — Sunny Gill

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