At Get Well Physiotherapy you’ll get back to living the life you deserve. This means a life with less painkillers, less doctors’ visits, and more ease enjoying all of the things you love, without the fear of pain holding you back.

When something like chronic pain strikes in your knee, lower-back, neck or shoulders, or if you experience an injury from sport or exercise - we know it’s very tempting to leave it and hope it’ll simply “go away on it’s own” with time and rest. You hope you’ll wake up and like “magic”be well again. But that’s usually not the case, and often the pain ends up worse than it was when it first started.

It’s very easy to reach for the quick fix of pain pills, but those medications are not good for your health in long-term, the are addictive, and they mask the pain instead of treating it. Its a frustrating cycle

Can you relate?

You’re not alone.

If any of these have happened to you - we would love to help you by inviting you to book an appointment. Get Well differs from other physiothearpy clinics in that your therapist is highly qualified, with state of the art treatments, and only provides one-on-one care. Our threefold path to getting better includes an extensive evaluation, appropriate tailor-made treatments, and teamwork in achieving your goals.

You will feel important from the very first call to your very last visit. We even invite you to stop by for a free screening.

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    “My husband recently started going to Get Well Physiotherapy and he has been delighted by the results. He had his hip replaced about 15 years ago..."

    — Maureen Richardson

    “I have always found Noel to be very nice to deal with and professional. I have always had 100% success with his treatments. I highly recommend Get Well Physio..."

    — Marcel Ackermann

    “Noel is a great physiotherapist who goes over and above. I've been a patient of Noel's from when he was a physio at Promotion physio...”

    — Sunny Gill

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