Physiotherapy for Post-Concussion Syndrome

image of x-ray skeleton showing concussed brain

Concussions are a common form of head injury that can have lasting impacts on your physical and mental health. While most concussions heal on their own through adequate amounts of rest and patience, like any muscle, you can work with it to increase strength and optimize the recovery process. At Get Well Physio, our Abbotsford physio clinic can provide you … Read More

How Soon After an Injury Should You Start Physical Therapy?

visual image of doctor working with patient in hospital

If you have experienced an injury, you’re probably well-versed in the pain, time, and patience that comes with the healing process. While injuries vary in severity, they all require a healthy combination of rest and rehabilitation. To regain the strength and mobility you had prior to your injury, the team at the Abbotsford clinic Get Well Physio can provide expert … Read More