Clinic Moving Facilities

The date of the move is fast approaching! The first day of operation from the new facility, located at #1-32330 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, will be June 30th, 2023. If you have an appointment on or after this day, please make a note that it will be at the new place. Parking for this clinic is located at the back … Read More

How to Speed Up Concussion Recovery

Visual image of young athlete having a medical evaluation of head injury

Are you suffering from a head injury? Concussions can be a very painful and frustrating experience, so it’s important to allow your brain the proper amount of time and rest to fully recover. This can vary depending on the case, taking anywhere from days to months to completely heal. It’s important to consult professionals who are well-versed and qualified to … Read More

10 Tips for Dealing with Lower Back Pain

learn about how to relief low back pain

Back pain seems to be a more inherent symptom of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles; consequently, leading to chronic back pain, weight gain and more need for days off. Unfortunately, for many people in a variety of industries, this past year has presented many unforeseen changes and has had a negative impact on people’s work, schedules and stress. For these reasons … Read More

Five Things You Should Know about K-Laser Therapy

a female that do k laser therapy for her left side at physiotherapy clinic

K Laser therapy is a high-power laser therapy that can stimulate all cell types, including soft tissue, ligaments, cartilage and nerves. As a result, it manages pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue regeneration, creating an optimal healing environment. Clinicians are using laser therapy more than ever before to help reduce pain and inflammation related to many common conditions. If you’re … Read More

Understanding Bunions and Non-Surgical Treatments

What is a Bunion? A bunion is a bony and painful bump that develops, often on the side of the biggest or smallest toes. Bunions can have many causes, such as wearing tight or narrowed shoes, or they can be a result of natural foot shapes, foot deformities, or other medical conditions. A bunion is caused when the bone at … Read More

Manual Therapy for Scoliosis is an Effective Treatment Option

Scoliosis can occur for a variety of reasons and is characterized by an S- or C-shaped curve in the spine. In moderate to severe cases, it can be corrected through surgery, but in other instances, manual therapy for scoliosis can be effective. In some cases, focusing on exercises and stretches that improve dexterity can be helpful.  For example, the difference … Read More

Getting Back on Your Feet After Suffering a Concussion

if you have concussion please contact our clinic

Any injury to the brain is nothing to mess with; whether mild or severe, a concussion should be treated seriously. Combined with lost of rest, concussion therapy in Abbotsford can help you get back to task quickly and safely. Diagnosing a Concussion Thankfully, not every bump or fall on the head results in a concussion, however if you or someone … Read More

Orthotics and benefits

we have foot orthotics can correct your foot and ankle

Signs & Symptoms for Needing Orthotics We prescribe orthotics to our patients for various symptoms. Many medical conditions often stem from a biomechanical gait abnormality that can be treated with custom orthotics. Here are some common ailments related to poor foot biomechanics. ACHILLES TENDONITIS What Is It?Achilles Tendonitis is an inflammation of the common tendon of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of … Read More

K Laser Therapy for Pain

K laser equipment that we use

What is Class IV Laser therapy? ·         Class IV K-laser Therapy is a proven to biostimulate tissue repair and growth. The Class IV laser accelerates the healing process by decreasing inflammation, pain, and scar tissue formation. In the management of chronic (arthritis etc) and acute pain. ·         Class IV K-lasers deliver specific red and near infrared wavelengths of laser light … Read More