client testimonials

"I can’t rave enough about Noel & his team! I had a knee injury and tried everything - other physios, RMT’s, chiro, sports medicine doc, injection and nothing helped. Then I stumbled upon Noel. He took my knee pain away and got me through my competition. I am so thankful that he has extended my career that I thought may have to come to an end. His approach is different from any physio I had been to before. He finds the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms."

-Mary-Anne Arsenault


Mary-Anne Arsenault, 2 Time World Champion, 5 Time National Champion

“I had been to a few Physiotherapy places before I checked out Noel’s. . . I must say that was the best choice I made . From my first visit with Noel to 4 years later now, I must say my journey has been pleasantly positive. Noel took time to diagnose me, and specifically designed a treatment for my problems. He is caring, proffesional, knowledgeable and hands on kind of therapist. I have been able to do so much more now than I ever could. The office staff were courteous, kind and welcoming. I would highly recommend Noel Mondhe to anyone who has chronic pain due to illness , accidents or other any other reasons. He is equipped with healing hands, and a personality that makes a person forget his or her pain and look positively to the recovery. God bless Noel, and future in this field.”


Sushila Naicker

“Noel is as personable as he is professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.”