client testimonials

"I can’t rave enough about Noel & his team! I had a knee injury and tried everything - other physios, RMT’s, chiro, sports medicine doc, injection and nothing helped. Then I stumbled upon Noel. He took my knee pain away and got me through my competition. I am so thankful that he has extended my career that I thought may have to come to an end. His approach is different from any physio I had been to before. He finds the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms."

-Mary-Anne Arsenault


Mary-Anne Arsenault, 2 Time World Champion, 5 Time National Champion

“I had been to a few Physiotherapy places before I checked out Noel’s. . . I must say that was the best choice I made . From my first visit with Noel to 4 years later now, I must say my journey has been pleasantly positive. Noel took time to diagnose me, and specifically designed a treatment for my problems. He is caring, proffesional, knowledgeable and hands on kind of therapist. I have been able to do so much more now than I ever could. The office staff were courteous, kind and welcoming. I would highly recommend Noel Mondhe to anyone who has chronic pain due to illness , accidents or other any other reasons. He is equipped with healing hands, and a personality that makes a person forget his or her pain and look positively to the recovery. God bless Noel, and future in this field.”


Sushila Naicker

“Noel is as personable as he is professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.”


“I’ve had Noel Mondhe as my Physiotherapist for a back injury, right Achilles tendinitis and bilateral plantar fasciitis that I suffered with for a long time. Noel took the time to listen rather than rush to a diagnosis. After a very thorough hands on assessment he found the source of the problem that all who assessed me had missed.

All treatments were hands on and never rushed. On average I was there for 1.5 -2 hours where he treated me with everything I could tolerate. He stopped at nothing as he knew my active lifestyle was a passion and important to me so it became important to him. He could have charged more as the sessions went on longer than regular blocks of physio but he didn’t. He threw everything at me because I was highly motivated to get well. He goes over and above for his clients. Often he was there later treating me when he should have gone home. He’s over the top dedicated physiotherapist committed to getting his clients better.

I’ve referred many of my colleagues to him and ALL rave about him and thank me for the referral. He treated my son who plays college football who had a knee injury. In 4-5 sessions he had him back in the gym training for the next season.

I’m a registered nurse who assists clients in rehabilitation post surgery or injuries so I know what I’m looking for in a great Physiotherapist. He just does not leave you on a table doing passive treatments but rather believes in active therapy approach to treatment which is very important in recovery. It’s not always easy and sometimes painful but as I’ve come to learn in rehab is that pain is also part of recovery. I dealt with limiting pain for so long and we both thought it’s time to use some pain to get me better. It worked!

Noel is just a cut above the rest and I give 5 stars and highly recommend Get Well Physiotherapy and my rockstar Physiotherapist... Noel! Want to get well? Get well with Noel!”

- Paulette Hunt