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Maintaining good balance is an integral part of preventing falls and protecting your overall health. However, as we get older, it can be harder for our body to rely on its natural balancing abilities. Get Well offers professional balance training that helps patients’ ability to balance through exercise. We will work with you to create an individualized program that will help you be more confident on your feet and within your body.

What is Balance Training?

Balance training is a type of non-invasive therapy that involves muscle-strengthening exercises that are designed to keep patients upright. At their core, they are designed to improve stability to prevent the likelihood of falls. While much of balance training is designed for older adults, it has many benefits that can be applied to a variety of individuals, including those who are dealing with a traumatic injury.

How Does Balance Training Work?

Balance training involves exercises that work to regain muscle function and flexibility. These exercises also work to retrain your body’s natural positioning, which is an unconscious force that keeps us all upright. Medically called “proprioception”, this innate ability can lessen through age or traumatic injury. Repetitive stretches and poses, such as balancing on one leg and engaging muscles in your body’s core, can help you regain this natural ability to keep yourself steady.

Who Does Balance Training Help?

Because balance training is a highly-customizable exercise, it can be helpful in a variety of cases, including but not limited to:

  • Athletes as a form of accident prevention
  • Older populations who are vulnerable to falls
  • Back pain prevention
  • High blood pressure sufferers

What Should I Expect Out of a Balance Training Session?

Like all services offered at Get Well, your treatment program will begin with an initial assessment that will take a holistic look at your overall physical well-being. Your trainer will be careful to take your particular situation into account, so as to not encourage any risk of accident. 

Unlike other exercises, which may have you feeling out of breath and strained, balance training exercises are not meant to exert you. Instead, they consist of gentle movements that will help prevent wobbling and give your body the confidence to stand steady.

Balance Training Services at Get Well

Get Well offers balance training at our accessible Abbotsford location on South Fraser Way. Stop in today to determine how we can best help you meet your health goals.

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