About Sang:

I graduated from RMT (Registered Massage Therapy) program at Vancouver Career College, Burnaby Campus.

During the program, I enjoyed learning about human anatomy, massage theory and various massage techniques.

Outside of my already rich in-clinic training in school, I participated in various outreach programs to
meet and help patients in different needs and backgrounds.

As an adventurous traveler, I travelled many countries and built his passion toward massage therapy.

I have experience of working in Australia as a massage therapist and exchanged his skills and learned massage therapy from
therapists in different countries.

I have a strong belief that Massage therapy is not only to help patients physically, but to prompt and support them mentally and emotionally.
My foremost goal as a healthcare provider is to help his patients to live pain-free lives and help them achieve their life goals.

I am proficient in different massage techniques from Swedish to deep-tissue massage.
Outside of work, I always seek adventures to nature, enjoying various physical activities such as cycling, skiing, and backpacking.