Ruchi Kainth

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Ruchi graduated from Vancouver Career College in October, 2021 and passed her boards in
Newfoundland and is in process for attaining her registration number of BC. She has a unique blend of massage therapy and physiotherapy experience.

As she is a masters in paediatric physiotherapy from back home India. She worked as an assistant professor in couple of universities in India and has practiced as a physiotherapist in India with a 5 year plus experience. The journey of her life in Canada brought her into this amazing massage therapy field. She has a strong belief system that massage techniques work for people from all walks of life. The behaviour of her work is based entirely on evidence based practice and researches.

Ruchi is a calm personality who is an active listener and understands that every person is an individual.

Kal is the registered acupuncturist at Abbotsford physio team