pain management

Get Well Physiotherapy is expert in relieving pain without surgery or medication. This is because Noel treats the root cause of your pain, and doesn’t merely treat the symptoms. Studies show that seeking care from a physical therapist before a medical doctor (MD) for many conditions can result in decreased cost, time, pain, and improved quality of life without the use of opioids or surgery. We pride ourselves on getting you back to feeling better faster, with a wide variety of therapeutic interventions. Click here to take a quiz to see if PT is the solution to your pain.

Chronic Conditions

Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitation health that uses exercise and holistic treatments to help people improve their physical abilities. At Get Well, Noel’s unique skill set and one-on-one treatment model provide patients with results they have not been able to find elsewhere. Noel is accomplished in restoring pain-free movement and improved functions in those who have exhausted Western medicine’s approach to their chronic condition.


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    “My husband recently started going to Get Well Physiotherapy and he has been delighted by the results. He had his hip replaced about 15 years ago..."

    — Maureen Richardson

    “I have always found Noel to be very nice to deal with and professional. I have always had 100% success with his treatments. I highly recommend Get Well Physio..."

    — Marcel Ackermann

    “Noel is a great physiotherapist who goes over and above. I've been a patient of Noel's from when he was a physio at Promotion physio...”

    — Sunny Gill

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