Manual Therapy for Scoliosis is an Effective Treatment Option

Scoliosis can occur for a variety of reasons and is characterized by an S- or C-shaped curve in the spine. In moderate to severe cases, it can be corrected through surgery, but in other instances, manual therapy for scoliosis can be effective.

In some cases, focusing on exercises and stretches that improve dexterity can be helpful.  For example, the difference between a typical spine and a spine with scoliosis is that a typical spine can move from side to side, whereas people with scoliosis have a difficult time moving in one direction due to the curvature of their spine. Exercises or stretches that focus on resolving imbalance may be helpful.

In addition to presenting as a curve in the spine, scoliosis can cause pain in the neck, mid back, or lumbar spine, depending on where the curves are and the severity. Scoliosis can also result in weakness, causing difficulty in performing recreational activities or regular household tasks. Manual therapy for scoliosis can help with both mobility and pain for those with mild scoliosis.

Exercise, medical observation, and scoliosis-specific physical therapy can be helpful. For some people, yoga is also recommended to decrease their pain level and increase flexibility. In cases where manual therapy for scoliosis may be beneficial, individuals should look to experts for advice and guidance. The type of manual therapy used should be tailored to individual needs and conditions.

More and more, exercise is being recommended as an effective treatment for mild to moderate scoliosis. Through proactive exercise, individuals may be able to slow the curvature of the spine and decrease pain. Pilates and yoga routines geared specifically towards those with impaired spinal flexibility can help lessen pain and increase spinal flexibility. Before starting a yoga or Pilates course, be sure to speak to a professional about how it may benefit you, or if another course of exercise may be more effective.    

Manual therapy for scoliosis is a preferable solution to treating scoliosis over some of the alternatives. If you have mild to moderate scoliosis, see a physical therapist see how manual therapy may benefit you and your unique circumstances.